The annual change in waste generated by companies in the fund is calculated by comparing companies’ total waste generated from the latest two reporting years (e.g. 2020 and 2021). Waste recycled by companies invested in by the fund is calculated based on the amount of waste recycled by companies in the fund in the previous reporting year (e.g. 2021).

The waste data used in the calculation are obtained from Bloomberg. It is part of the Environmental, Social and Governance datasets companies report on. Coverage of waste-related calculations varies depending on data availability. For the RobecoSAM Circular Economy Equities fund, the reduction in companies’ waste generated could be calculated for approximately 43% of companies in the fund based on the latest data available. The waste recycled metric could be calculated for approximately 30% of the companies in the portfolio. If the coverage increases from one reporting period to another, it might lead to an increase in the total waste generated metric.

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