The certified sustainable space by companies in the fund is calculated by taking into account the amount of square meters of the companies real estate that has a sustainable certification e.g. LEED, BREEAM. The buildings constructed under the sustainability standards operate with greater efficiency resulting in lower carbon emissions, less energy cost and consume less indoor water. These buildings also benefit from better indoor air quality and ventilation as well as reduced noise and better acoustics.

The certified sustainable space data used in the calculation are obtained from fund companies’ annual or sustainability reporting, the companies’ websites or from Bloomberg. For the Robeco Sustainable Property Equity fund, the total area of certified sustainable space could be calculated for approximately 46% of companies in the fund, based on the latest data available.

The annual reduction in waste generated by the companies in the fund are calculated by comparing companies’ total waste generated from the latest two reporting years (e.g. 2020 and 2021).

The waste related data used in the calculation is obtained from Bloomberg. It is part of the Environmental, Social and Governance datasets companies report on. Coverage of waste-related calculations varies depending on data availability. For the RobecoSAM Sustainable Property fund, the reduction in companies’ waste generated could be calculated for approximately 45-50% of companies in the fund based on the latest data available.

The total annual change in waste reduction by companies in the fund might increase or decrease depending on the changes in the fund holdings. Usually companies aim to reduce the amount of waste generated but changes in fund holdings could also lead to an increase in these metrics compared to previous year.

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