From the bottom navigation bar, go to your profile. Tap the dots menu on the top right corner, and select Edit.

You'll be able to add, remove or change your profile picture, full name, role, organization, location, bio, tags, and links to your other profiles.

Anyone can see this profile if they add you as a contact or search for you on Cooper. So make it snazzy 💅


Tap on the right-most icon of the navigation bar to see your profile. The first section is called "Your tags". Tap on the "+" button and start typing. We'll suggest tags from our community to get you started.

Some good tagging etiquette is to use tags that have to do with your skills or passions. What are you great at? How would others describe you? Adding a hobby like "Play guitar" or "Read comics" could help to break the ice as well. Anything to make it easier to found each other later on. 😎

Want to remove a tag? Just press the "x" icon next to the tag to delete it.

Once you've added a tag, it will show up as a filter to your contacts. It will also be used as part of suggestions for other people in the community, making it easier for them to get started.

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