From the Requests screen

  • Take a look at requests made by your connections. If you know of someone who could help them, just tap the "Intro" button and select someone to introduce.
  • If a request is made by the connection of your connection, you can tap "Ask for intro" to ask to be introduced to this person.

From a profile page

If you visit the profile of a contact or connection of yours, then you can also make introductions by tapping the "Introduce" button there.

How does making an intro work?

We set up the introduction for you to send over email, using your own email app. Once you've selected the person to make the intro to, we'll open up an email draft with both people in CC. You then have the chance to edit the message and choose when to send it.

On the latest version of iOS, we use the default email applications you've chosen. (On previous versions, Apple Mail opens instead.)

This means the introductions you make on Cooper come from you, not from us. They happen over email, where most intros happen today anyway. Nice huh?

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