Just tap the big yellow "+" button on the bottom right of the Requests screen. You'll be asked to select a category based on what you are looking for. This helps your network see what you need and help you out with intros. 🤝

The categories of requests are:

  • Looking for Advice: if you need feedback or mentorship.
  • Looking for Ways to help: if you're open to giving advice or mentoring others.
  • Looking for Opportunities: if you're looking for a new job or freelance gig.
  • Looking for Team members: if you're hiring for your company or project.
  • Looking for Freelancers: if you're looking to hire a freelance contractor.
  • Looking for Leads: if you're looking to offer a service to someone specific.
  • Looking for Companies: if you're looking for a service or a specific company.
  • Looking for Investors: if you're raising funding.
  • Looking fo Partners: if you're looking to partner up for a project or a company.

After selecting a category, write your request and add a link to it. You can also select who can see your request: just your connections, or also their connections.

Your requests are now visible on the Requests screen and on your profile. You can remove it if you'd like later. You can also edit the link, text or sharing settings of the request from the dot menu on the top right of the request.

Go ahead and share your request right from the Requests page through the channel of your choice.

Now sit back and take it easy. Quality intros are about to roll into your inbox. 🥰

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