Asking for an intro

  • From a profile: when viewing the profile of someone you aren't connected to, tap on the 'can intro you' button at the top of the profile.
  • From a request: when you see a request of someone you aren't connected to, tap the 'ask for intro' button just underneath it.

You'll see a list of people you know that can make the intro. Tap on one of the names to send them an intro request.

Making an intro

  • By replying to a request: tap on the reply button or tap on the request to open it. Tap on 'make intro' to attach one or more profiles to your reply.
  • From a profile: when viewing a connections' profile, tap 'make intro' on the bottom right to get started.

You'll then be able to select someone to introduce. You can search for them if they are a connection or in your address book, or add them using the 'new' button on the top right.

Activate your notifications to stay in the loop until your intro is accepted by all parties. That's also where you'll be alerted when someone is introducing you to someone new.

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