The Master Calendar is a fantastic way to get alignment across your team to ensure work is evenly distributed and you’re completing your goals. 

By creating a team view you can see exactly what they're working on and when. Master Calendar makes it easy to visualise and communicate what's on for the week, so you can use this as a basis for your WIPs. 

Tips before getting started

  1. Ensure all your content and activity is in Cooperate. If some of your work isn't in the platform, create a personal Planner Board and use tasks to represent them. That way, you and your team have an accurate representation of all your work.
  2. The purpose of the calendar is to keep your team accountable to deadlines and accurately reflect your work load. So, it’s important to put due dates and start dates on all your planning and content.
  3. Ensure the correct people are assigned to their task. 

How to create a Team View in Cooperate 

To create your team view in Cooperate

  1. Open the MC and create a new filter 
  2. Select the relevant Tasks, Creative and Content
  3. View Grouped by: User (this will show all users in the platform)
  4. You can select the specific users by applying an advanced filter of user
  5. Save it and Name the filter after your team 

Managing the Team 

Now your work is in Cooperate and you have your team view, you've got oversight of what your team is working on. 

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