The Coople payslips contain all the details about your wage, as well as all statutory deductions and supplements. It can be a bit complicated to understand exactly what is listed on your payslip. So, we'll give you a quick overview here.

Let’s start with the basics:

  • Coople is your legal employer.

Even if you work for different companies, your wage payment comes exclusively from us.

  • We pay monthly.

You will be paid monthly for all jobs that you complete between the first and last day of the month and that have been confirmed by company. Your payslip will show the period in question as a total period.

  • We pay on the 5th working day of the following month.

Here you can find further relevant information on the payment date of your wage.

  • We send your payslip by email every month.

You can also view your previous payslips at any time in the app via the profile menu under Payslips.

Let's now take a closer look at the payslip:

1. Gross wage: this amount is the wage total of all your jobs in the corresponding month. For each job, the number of working hours is multiplied by the hourly wage.

Please note: the gross wage corresponds to the hourly wage that is displayed in the app for each job. It also includes the statutory supplements for holidays, public holidays, and the share of the 13th month's pay.

2. Total deductions: this amount represents the social security contributions – your old-age pension (AHV, BVG), accident and health insurance (NBU, KTG), and unemployment insurance (ALV) – which are deducted from your gross wage in accordance with the legal requirements.

Please note: you may not see it on your payslip but as your legal employer we, of course, also make our contribution to your social insurances. For AHV, BVG, KTG and ALV, 50% of the contributions are paid by the employer.

The last contribution in the list of insurance benefits is the CLA contribution. These contributions flow, among others, into the Temp training training fund. If you would like to start further training in the near future, it is worth checking your entitlement to Temp training benefits.

3. Net wage: this amount is made up of the gross wage less (minus) the total of deductions.

4. Rounding: if your net wage has an impossible decimal place (e.g., 82 centimes), the amount is rounded up or down accordingly.

5. Payment amount: we will pay you this amount according to the payment details in your Coopler profile. It corresponds to your Coople monthly wage.

Do you need further help?

If you feel that something is not right on your payslip, or if you have any other questions, you can contact us by email at

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