How does the Venmo integration work?

  • Our Venmo integration uses a unique Copilot forwarding email address to automatically import your Venmo transactions in real-time using your email receipts.

Does Copilot update my Venmo balance automatically?

  • We do, so make sure you enter the correct balance when you configure your Venmo account on Copilot.

How can I automatically categorize my Venmo transactions?

  • Use #copilot anywhere in the Venmo transaction note plus the emoji of the category that you want us to use (the name of the category works too).

  • For example, to automatically send a Venmo transaction to your 🔑 Rent category, simply add "🔑 #copilot" or "rent #copilot" anywhere in the transaction note.

Why don’t you use my Venmo credentials rather than my email receipts?

  • This is a safer option, we are not storing your login credentials and scraping a website. We are also able to import your transaction data in real-time, rather than at scheduled intervals. Overall it’s a better user experience once it’s set up.

Are you storing my forwarded emails?

  • We store your forwarded emails for five to seven days to be able to troubleshoot any issues that we might discover with the integration.

Do I need to forward all of my emails?

  • No, you are only forwarding your Venmo receipt emails. This is why you create the email filter or rule.

  • If we notice that we’re getting non-Venmo emails, we’ll send you a notice with instructions on how to fix it.

If I forward my emails from one address to another address, which account do I set-up the Venmo email filter on?

  • The email filter and forwarding process will work with either email address. If you need help, please contact us.

Will this import email receipts for purchases made prior to me setting up the email forwarding?

  • No, the Venmo transaction import will not automatically include any past transactions due to how Gmail filters and email forwarding work.

  • If you want to import historical transactions, you can manually send them to our email address.

Are any email addresses not currently supported by the Venmo integration?

  • At this time, addresses are not supported, because they don't support filters with forwarding.

  • Yahoo email addresses are not supported, because the email validation process doesn’t give us a clue on who is trying to add our forwarding email.

  • AOL email addresses are not supported, because they do not allow email forwarding.

If you would like to utilize the Venmo integration, you could choose to change your Venmo email to a different email address.

How does Copilot handle the Venmo transactions my bank receives when I transfer money to or from my bank account to Venmo?

When you transfer your Venmo balance to your bank account or pull money into Venmo from your account, you will see the bank account's record of the transaction in your Copilot account in addition to the Venmo transaction.

To prevent this from affecting your budget, you can mark all of the incoming and outgoing Venmo transactions recorded by your bank account as Internal Transfers. Additionally, when you mark these transactions as Internal Transfers, you can create a Name Rule to have Copilot automatically categorize your future Venmo related bank transactions correctly.

I deleted my Venmo account and now I'm having trouble re-linking it.

Your email is still associated with your deleted connection. Contact us via the in-app support chat and we can take care of it!

👋 Still have questions? Contact us via the in-app chat.

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