If you are tracking a credit card account manually, then you will need to create an internal transfer transaction when you make a payment to the the manual account from a linked depository account (checking or savings).

NOTE: To learn more about transaction types, please see this article.

For a payment from a linked account to a manual credit card account, you will need two internal transfer transactions:

  • An Outgoing Internal Transfer from your checking or savings account. If this account is linked in Copilot, then this transaction is automatically posted.

  • An Incoming Internal Transfer to your manual credit card account, which you need to create manually.

To create the Incoming Internal Transfer for your manual credit card account payment, please follow these steps:

  • From the Transactions view, select Add a New Transaction

  • Select Transfer

  • Update the date of your payment, if necessary, and Continue

  • Add the Transaction Name

  • Enter the payment amount and select Incoming

  • Tap on the account, scroll to your manual credit card, select it and Save

  • After creating this Internal Transfer transaction, your payment will be reflected on your manual credit card account balance.

NOTE: To create other types of manual transactions, please see this article.

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