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Marketing Tools: Creating Segments
Marketing Tools: Creating Segments

Marketing Tools: Creating Segments

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With Copper's Marketing Tools, you can send emails to two types of segments through the Email Sequences feature:

  • Contact segments based on contact Lead Status, Contact Type, or Contact Tags

  • Event-based segments (next section)

Segmenting based on Lead Status, Contact Type, or Contact Tags

Email Sequences audiences are based on data in Copper CRM, specifically segments defined by Lead Status, Contact Type or Contact tag.

The simplest way to start segmenting your contacts is by using Lead Status, Contact Type, or Contact Tags. Just make sure your contact data is updated in Copper - you can do this one-by-one, in bulk

Once you've done that these segments will appear as recipients in the Sequences.


Before diving into using any of these though, we strongly suggest you take the time to define your workflow - whether you're going to be using automation or not. Make sure you’re really clear about:

  1. What each lead status represents (and whether you’re going to use leads at all in Copper CRM).

  2. What each contact type means – for example, each contact type could be a potential vs existing customer, or maybe the type of business.

  3. What you’re going to use tags for – a top tip here is: keep the list manageable and the tags themselves short and sweet

Segmenting based on Events

You can create event-based segments and select them as a target for email campaigns.

Event-based segments can be created based on several condition types:

  • Email activity

  • Website activity

  • Lead score

You can even mix different conditions to create a more specific segment. Here are some examples of segments that you could create:

  • All people who have visited a specific page on your website (eg. the /pricing page)

  • All people who have a lead score of 25+ (likely to be hot leads)

How to create event-based segments

  1. Open Marketing Tools from Copper's purple sidebar.

  2. Navigate to Contacts in the grey sidebar and click on "Create segment"

  3. Add the desired conditions and combine them in any way you'd like.

    • mceclip1.png
  4. Save the segment and go back to the contact page to see how many contacts match the filter. You can also access it from the left-hand side menu and go back to the edit mode if something doesn't look right.

    • mceclip2.png
  5. You can now select the newly created segment as a recipient when you set up a new Sequence.

    • mceclip3.png

To read more about this feature, you can see this article.

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