You do not need accreditation from Yoga Alliance to teach kids yoga professionally. You need good training so you can teach safely, and professional liability insurance so you are protected in the extremely unlikely event that someone gets hurt as a result of your teaching. 

Our course is a recognised qualification for professional kids yoga teachers and provides Continuing Education hours for Yoga Alliance registered teachers, but doesn’t fall into the direct credentialing for Yoga Alliance’s Registered Children's Yoga Teacher (RCYT). Their kids yoga teaching accreditation (RCYT) stipulates a minimum of 95 hours face-to-face training plus 30 hours of observed teaching practice – all after you’ve completed your 200hr Registered (Adult) Yoga Teacher qualification and registered some teaching experience. 

We created our training to make safe and inspiring kids yoga teaching available online to people who are committed to learning but aren't inclined or able to spend the time or money involved in becoming an RCYT. 

We developed our training with the support and oversight of an excellent insurance company in the UK - DSC Strand. They specialise in indemnity insurance for yoga teachers. The video appraisal process at the end of the training and the criteria for certification were agreed with them. They still underwrite our course - and there is a long list of other insurers around the world who cover our graduates.

A large number of registered adult yoga teachers (RYT) also take our training in order to make the transition into kids yoga. Many are now teaching professionally and were able to register their training hours as Continuing Education (CE) hours with the Yoga Alliance.

It's worth saying there is increasing cynicism about Yoga Alliances in the yoga community. They are self-appointed bodies which make a living by charging teachers and schools to be accredited by them. They are popping up all over the place too - all competing for this very lucrative trade. If you live in Australia for example, you get to pick from Yoga Alliance Australia, Yoga Alliance International Australia, the Yoga Teacher's Association of Australia and Yoga Australia - as well as Fitness Australia! Let's call the whole thing off!

Our advice to you: TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOURSELF! Scrutinise your training partner well and make sure that you're a safe and inspiring teacher. And for our part, we'll keep working hard to make our training safe, well-researched and relevant as well as inspiring! 

For a nicely written piece about all this madness have a look here.

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