Setting up Resource Categories

A Resource Category is how you will categorize your resources.
1.  Click "RESOURCE CATEGORIES" under the Resource menu.
2.  Click the "Create New" button.
3.  Next, fill in the details of your new Resource category.

  • Can be booked with Courts: This setting should be checked if the resource can be booked with courts.

  • Is Court Required: This setting should be checked if a court is required when booking the resource.  For example, Ball Machines require a court to be used so you would want to check this.

  • Allowed Court Types: This is where you setup the court types allowed for this resource category.  For example, you may not want your ball machines on the Clay courts.  This is how you can restrict.

  • Allow Members to Book this Category: This setting should be checked if you want to allow members to book this Category online.

Creating New Resources

Now that you have Resource Categories, you need to setup your Resources under the categories.

  1. Click "Create New"

  • Choose a Resource Category

  • Name the Resource

  • If this resource is restricted to certain courts, specify the courts.

  • Mark if this Resource is ACTIVE.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH A VIDEO on Resource List AKA Ball Machines

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