Below is an example of the "Consolidated" View for booking courts.

  • To book a court, simply click the button during the time-slot you want to book.

You will get a popup to enter the Reservation details:

  • Reservation Types: This is the type of Reservation you are booking.  

  • Title: You can enter a custom title for the Reservation.

  • Court Type: The Court Type will default based on the slot selected.

  • Start & End Times: The times will default based on Reservation Type, but can be overridden.

  • Courts: The court(s) will need to be selected here based on how many needed.NOTE: Only available courts will show up.

  • Members: If applicable, choose the Member that wants to book the court.

  • Is Private: Check if you do not wish to share the details of this booking on the Member Portal.

  • Send confirmation to selected Members: This will send an email to the selected members alerting them of the Reservation.

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