Closures Overview

To access Court Closures, we'll go to SETTINGS > COURTS SETTINGS > CLOSURE:

From here you can select 'Courts' or 'Closures' tabs

Under the 'Courts' tab, you can see currently existing courts and manage them via the 'Closure,' 'Edit,' and 'Delete' options to the right.


  • Here you can use the Search Bar to look up courts

  • Use the 'Create Court' to create new courts / closures

  • Use the 'Other Court Actions' to SORT your courts

Now, if we go under 'Closures' you can see an overview of your courts detailing currently closed courts, open courts, as well as scheduled recurring closures:


Quickly Close Your Courts

To quickly close your courts for inclement weather or other unexpected closures:

  • Go to the 'Courts' tab

  • Select the ORANGE CLOSURE BUTTON for the desired court:

From here you can 'Create Closure' as well as:

  • Specify the closure type - CLICK HERE to learn how to create Closure Types

  • Create a Start / End date & time

  • Create a recurrence or have it set as a 'one time' closure

If you keep scrolling to the bottom of the screen, you'll see where you can create a 'Note.'

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