1) Go to Point of Sale in your CourtReserve account.

2) Next, select Item Categories - it's important to create item categories first, so your products remain organized in the Point of Sale system.

3) Next, select Create Item Category

From here, you can enter the desired category details such as 'Men's Clothing' or 'Protein bars'

4) Press 'Save Changes' and your new item category will now appear in the available list.

5) Next, go to Item List in the dropdown menu in Point of Sale

Here, you can create the Items to go in the category you just created.

6) Once in Item List, click on the 'Create items' tab at the top righthand corner of your screen.

From here you can create the details of the item(s) being added (see example below)

7) Now that we have created the Category and Item, we need to add any potential 'variations' of the product(s). To do this, click the 'Add Variation' button to create customizations of the items.

Click 'Save Changes' and this new 'variation' will now be available under the selected Item (ex. Item: Club Logo Windbreaker)

You have now successfully created the Category, Item, and any variations of the Item in your CourtReserve Point of Sale.

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