Below is verbiage that you can copy, edit and use. We also have more so you can CLICK HERE and see another example that explains a lot about using the CourtReserve mobile app.

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Dear Members,
On behalf of the Paddle Committee, I am thrilled to announce the launch of a reservation system for the paddle courts at YOUR CLUB NAME. "CourtReserve" is an app used by many clubs around the world.

Before discussing the details, a few overriding points should be made.

No member is required to join the reservation system. If you do not play tennis or paddle (or pickleball), feel free to stop reading.

The purpose of the system is for members to be able to see what is scheduled on the courts at all times, and more importantly to be able to reserve a specific open court on a specific day and time for social and/or family use.

If you're still reading, let's get specific. You should have just now received an email from CourtReserve with a link to the member portal. Click on that link. It will bring you to a page to create a password to link with your email address as username.

Once you have created your password, you are officially in the system. You can then access the system online at and logging in or by downloading the CourtReserve app on your phone.

The rules and restrictions for reservations in our system (as determined by the committee) are listed on the front page of the member portal when logging on CourtReserve with a computer. They are also included at the end of this email.

For a tutorial on using the app and our club specific rules, click on my video here.

We all appreciate your patience as we work through the inevitable kinks at the beginning. The system is live right now. Book away!

See you on the courts!


YOUR CLUB NAME HERE Reservation Policies

Each member may reserve a maximum of 90 minutes per day.

Each member may have up to 2 reservations per day provided the total time does not exceed 90 minutes.

The booking window to reserve courts opens three days in advance.
Monday at 8am - all open times for Thursday become accessible
Tuesday at 8am - all open times for Friday become accessible etc...

Guests are allowed and must be listed on the reservation. As has been club policy, there is a guest fee of $10 per guest per visit. The system will generate a monthly guest report and the club will then charge member accounts the appropriate total.

There are three types of reservations that can be booked by members.

1. Social Tennis / Paddle - 4 players (members and/or guests) must be listed on a Social Reservation. This is to help protect against members reserving courts before having a confirmed game. This type of reservation is available at all times.

2. Social Pickleball - 4 players (members and/or guests) must be listed on a Social Pickleball Reservation. However, this reservation is only available during the "off-peak" hours of 12pm-6pm each day.

3. Family Tennis/Paddle/Pickle - This reservation type can be made by a single member without attaching 3 other members to the reservation. This type can be used when playing with members of your immediate family who are not listed in the system (your children). However this is also only available at the "off-peak" hours of 12-6pm each day.

During primetimes (mornings and evenings) only paddle can be reserved, and 4 members must be listed.

There are no gender restrictions of any kind on court reservations other than days/times that courts will be blocked off by admin for men's and women's clinics, matches, junior clinics and pre-scheduled club events.

Although you can only book up to 3 days in advance, you can view the Courts Schedule up to 30 days in advance to see any events that may already be planned on the courts prior to the booking window opening.

Reservations should be canceled at least 12 hours prior to the reservation. The system will be tracking the number of cancellations made by each member within the 12 hour window and consistent abusers will be addressed. It is only courteous to cancel your reservation and free up your court as early as possible if you will not be using it.

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