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Member Training for Desktop and Mobile
Member Training for Desktop and Mobile

All of the instructions, articles and videos you can give to members at your organization to get started and use their account.

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Your members may need some guidance in order to get a member account, book courts or sign up for events at your organization. Feel free to share or link these videos on your own website, Welcome Page in CourtReserve or include in your emails or newsletters to members.


Member MOBILE APP Videos

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO on Mobile App Training for Members on making reservations and signing up for events.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO on Members Paying for Fees on Mobile Device.

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO for when Members need to use the app to search for your organization and then create an account to be in your organization by filling out your sign up form. DO NOT USE IF YOU IMPORTED A LIST OF MEMBERS.

Member Videos If Your Organization Takes Payments Through CourtReserve

Member Videos for Members who use CourtReserve on Desktop or Laptop


Articles Your Members Can Review for Direction

If you send out the Portal Link (from Settings - Portal Settings -Setup) and Members will be filling out your Sign Up Form for an account. You can take this article and copy and paste into your own email or document with instruction or share the link to this article. What your Club Member Needs to Do to Get an Account

You may also want to include this article so that your Primary Family Member can add the other family members to their account. Adding Family Members to a Family Account

If you need an example of verbiage to announce that your organization is using CourtReserve Announcing CourtReserve to Members You can copy, edit and paste this to an email or your website. Here is an additional great Welcome Email that one of our clubs wrote that you can use.

If you IMPORTED a list of your Members and send a Welcome Email Directions for Members After The Welcome Email Getting Their Account and Password Reset

If your organization uses Split Court Costs this article gives instructions for your members and how the charges work. Split Court Costs for Member Portal

Admin Videos for Set Up and How to Instruct your Members

CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO on Members Signing Up for Account Membership and the process of what they do to get approved.


The information below is also in some of the articles above. Below there are several options so please copy and edit the information that is applicable to your organization set up for new members. You can include this information in your Welcome Email, on your Welcome Page or even in your own newsletter to members.

What your Member Needs to Do to Get an Account within your platform.

As a member once you click on the portal link you will be able to create an account to access your organization’s information.

If your club has multiple memberships for you to choose from click Membership.

Choose the membership that you want to join and Click View This Plan.

If this is the plan you want then click Join Now.

Then you will need to add the following information based on what your organization has asked for. This is an example of what that could look like.

If your organization needs to approve your membership you will not be able to login and move forward until they approve your account.

If your organization has approved your account, they may require you to pay for your first month of membership.

Once you are logged in simply click PAY.

Fill out the Credit card or echeck information for payment and click PAY.

You will get an email from your organization with your payment receipt.

You will then be ready to click and reserve courts or sign up for events.

If you want to see your account details Click On MY PROFILE.

If you need to add Family members to your account click MY FAMILY

CLICK on Add New family member that wants to have access at your club

If you want your child to have booking privileges, then you must have an email or user name and password but most do not want them to book. Most just add their child using first and last name so they can sign their child up for club events.

You can click My Profile and update your address, email, password, ratings and additional account settings like club marketing emails and public groups.

You can also download the COURTRESERVE MOBILE APP from both the IOS and Android stores and login with your email / username and password.

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