If members are reporting that they cannot see the courts or schedulers from the Member Portal, it is because your courts have been made 'unavailable' to the public:

Courts can be made public (visible by members) or not public, by checking the box 'Is Visible on Member Portal'

To get here, we'll go to SETTINGS > COURTS:

Now we can edit any existing courts:


If your members say they are unable to see certain schedulers, (ex. 'Pool'), we'll go to the Custom Scheduler.


Here are 3 important things to check:

  1. 'Courts' - that the correct courts have been selected for this scheduler.

  2. 'Show On Member Portal' has been checked - this means it is visible to the public

  3. 'Show Scheduler to Following Memberships' - if some members are able to see the scheduler but not others, make sure to come check this setting.

Make sure to 'Save' changes.

Now when we go check Member Portal:

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