So the MEMBER books the lesson like normal by choosing the RESERVATION TYPE, Duration. You can see that now the MEMBER name shows up with the court costs for that Member.

Each time a MEMBER name is added the cost for that MEMBER comes up but notice the total is still only what the RESERVING MEMBER OWES.

If GUESTS are allowed then enter the GUEST name and which MEMBER is GUEST OWNER.


If you didn't check the box to let your MEMBERS Choose who is responsible for the GUESTS then below is what your MEMBERS will see. This also means your MEMBER making the RESERVATION will be responsible for ALL GUESTS fees.

Now notice when we made the GUESTS OWNER the RESERVING MEMBER the total fee changed to include both the MEMBER court fee and the guests fee

Once the RESERVATION IS SAVED then your MEMBER can pay if your organization requires payment at the time of booking.

If paying at time of BOOKING COURTS then the MEMBER will see the breakdown.

If charging to the MEMBER ACCOUNT then Member can see the fees when going to BILLING - TRANSACTIONS

Now the MEMBER can see two separate fees. One for the MEMBER court fees and one for the GUESTS FEE.

SPLIT COURT FEES will also be indicated if invoices are sent using Batch Billing to MEMBERS

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