Right now, we are currently on the Admin side. We know this because we have the 'View Member Portal' button.

On the Admin side, you will have the menu bar with various features and settings.

To go to the Member Portal side, we would click VIEW MEMBER PORTAL

Now that we are at the Member Portal view, we can see the Member side such as 'Reservations,' 'Events,' and 'My Profile,' 'My Clubs.'

To go back to the Admin side, we would click our name and choose Admin Panel.

If you cannot see the Member Portal side as an admin, you need to create a MEMBER account for yourself using the SAME EMAIL AS YOUR ADMIN or SUB-ADMIN

To do this, you will need to go to Settings - Organizational Settings - System Users and see what your email is for your login.

Take this email and go to 'ADD MEMBER'

Make sure to use the SAME EMAIL that is associated to their Admin account

Make sure to assign them a membership of some kind - whether it is a PAID membership or some kind of 'staff' membership that your clubs offers to employees.

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