Easy! Just follow these steps:

  • Pay the expense, at any available store for that purpose, with your own personal debit/credit card (not the Coverflex card);

  • Request the invoice with name and tax number (depending on the benefit category, it can be yours, your direct family or your company's);

  • Upload the document (a photo of the invoice, with the date and amount) to the Coverflex platform, under the benefit category applicable.

  • If the request is accepted, the amount in question will be transferred to your IBAN account within 3 business days.

    Please note that:

  • If the invoice information is not clearly visible, then the invoice will not be accepted.

  • If the fiscal information is incorrect, this request will not be accepted.

  • If you submit an invoice which amount is higher than the available budget, the invoice will not be accepted by the platform.

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