About this feature

Capture an identification number to identify a person checking in to your location. Customise the text to guide the user as to exactly what identification number is required. This feature was designed for entities with their own contact detail list.

Example use cases

  • Education institutions. Change the identification text to "Student ID" to reduce the amount of information requested by the student for each campus check-in.

  • Employers. Change the identification text to "Employee ID" to your employee register with contact details remains the central source of truth for your staff.

  • Sporting associations. Capture a shirt number or team name in addition to the person's contact details to also track where they moved within a large venue.

Usage notes

  • Saved for pre-fill later. This field is included in the list of information saved to pre-fill future check-in forms when a person opts to use that feature.

Using this feature

  1. Click the "Edit Location" button

  2. Expand the "Contact details" tab

  3. Find the "Identification number capture" section

  4. Turn on the checkbox

  5. (optional) Modify the "Identification number text"

  6. Hit "Save"

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