Instantly downloading data
Download your check-in data for COVID-19 related communications instantly, at any time (24/7), as many times as you like
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About this feature

You have direct access to all data collected via your check-in portal. There is no process of intervention or approval by Comply Group staff, and there are no limitations as to how often or when you download your check-in data.

Usage notes

  • Secured in a zip file. The data is being packed into a single CSV file (open with Excel, Google Sheets, etc) inside a secured Zip file with a random password.

  • All data is shown. The CSV will contain columns representing every possible data collection item from every feature in Comply Group for completeness.

  • Full version control. If settings are changed over time (e.g. temperature limits), these will be shown as they were at the time of each check-in.

  • Larger downloads. If you have chosen to download a larger number of check-ins, the download may up to a minute to complete the CSV creation process.

  • Time, date, and timezone. The data will be adjusted into the timezone of your location and is inclusive from 00:00 of the first date to 23:59 of the last.

Legal notes

  • Your responsibility. Once it leaves our system in this CSV file, you are now responsible for the security of this highly sensitive information.

  • Heath authorities. You are responsible for downloading and sharing the data with health authorities. We do not get involved in the process.

  • Sharing data. We do not share check-in data with any organisation (including governments). The only exception would be via a Federal Court Subpoena.

  • COVID-19 use only. The data is to be used exclusively for COVID-19 related communications only. It's not to be used for anything else (marketing, etc).

Using this feature

  1. Head to your location page

  2. Find the "Download check-in data" section

  3. Click "Download check-in data"

  4. Fill "Generate check-in data" form

  5. Copy the "Zip file password"

  6. Click the "Download data" button

  7. Open the zip file and paste the password

  8. Open the file using any spreadsheet software

My download button says "Processing"

If your check-in file contains a large number of check-ins, the process to create the file has been moved behind the scenes to a more powerful server to complete the job. Generally, you can expect to wait ~4-12 seconds for the process to complete and the "Download data" button will automatically be displayed.


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