About this feature

Capturing checkout information for a location can be advantageous in the case that COVID-19 related communications are required as you can cross-reference entry and exit times to minimize the number of people needed to be contacted if they left early.

Usage notes

  • Requires two locations. You will need one location to check-in people, and a second location with checkout enabled you to check out people.

  • Checkin pre-fill. The save to pre-fill next check-in feature also works with checkout portals making the process as seamless and fast as possible.

  • Independent from check-in data. The checkout data exists independently of the check-in data allowing capturing people leaving a location that didn't check-in.

  • Data is labelled. When downloading the data, the data will be labeled as "Checkout" in the CSV file when downloaded.

Using this feature

  1. Create and activate a second location (click here)

  2. Head to your location settings page

  3. Find the "Enable checkout portal" section

  4. Enable the checkbox

  5. Hit "Save"

You can link your check-in portal and your checkout portal together. After checking in the person can see their check-in summary and a button they can click when needing to checkout that will direct them to the checkout portal scanning a QR code.

Head here to learn more about directing people to a URL


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