Sequences are scheduled campaigns of pre-planned video emails. Simply add contacts to the sequence, and have the ease of mind your contacts will receive the video emails on the days set by the sequence.

For example, One might have a sequence that sends a video out on Day 1, Day 3, and Day 15
Day 1 is triggered as soon as the contact is added, Day 3 is sent 3 days after the contact is added, and Day 15 is sent 15 Days after the contact is added.

*Please see the instructional Videos below.

Part 1: Intro: Title Sequence:

Part 2: Adding Steps:

Part 3: Adding Contacts:

*Please note that sequences is a feature that is no longer receiving updates. Use at your own discretion and be aware that some of the features and functionalities may be outdated with no plans in the near future to update. 

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