1. “Bounced”: When an email bounces, the email is one of 3 things, bad, inclusive of a typo, or has previously been blocked by the recipient.
  2. "Delivered”: The email has been sent from the Covideo sever on behalf of you, with your email address showing as the sender and has reached the recipient's mail server.
  3. "Dropped”: When an email drops it happens when a system identifies that the message sent to an email address could be on list of emails that has bounced, marked as spam or is invalid. The system will do this to protect the sender's reputation.
  4. “Open”: This is defined when the recipient has opened the email and has yet to view the Covideo. 
  5. "Deferred": A deferred status can occur when an ISP or mailbox provider is for some reason not ready to accept email from your IP address. Instead of blocking or bouncing the message, the provider will defer or temporarily delay receiving the message and wait for the email to be resent.
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