The BVN gives each customer a unique identity across the Nigerian Banking industry and can be used for easy identification and verification.

First of all, here are important things to note about your BVN and why it is required on Cowrywise;

  1. Your BVN is an identifier, not an access point to your bank accounts.

  2. It identifies you by your name, phone number and date of birth. 

  3. It doesn’t give anyone including Cowrywise automatic access to your bank accounts.

  4. On Cowrywise, it helps us identify and verify you.

Having troubles verifying your BVN on Cowrywise?

Please click this link to visit the approved BVN validation portal on the NIBBS website to validate your BVN and follow these steps;

  1. Enter your BVN and date of birth

  2. Click the search button.

  3. You will be required to pay a sum of N25 to proceed.

  4. Select a payment method that suits you.

  5. Your BVN record will be displayed.

Enter the BVN and date of birth as it is on this portal on your Cowrywise account to verify your BVN.

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