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What is Stash?
What is Stash?

Send and receive money within and outside Cowrywise with your Stash

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The Stash is basically a virtual wallet on the Cowrywise app that enables you to save and invest without the use of a debit card. It's also where you receive withdrawals and payouts from your mature savings and investment plans.

Funds in your Stash can be moved in the following ways:

  • Transfer to a savings plan

  • Transfer to an investment plan

  • Withdraw to your bank account.

How to Set Up Stash

  • Select the option for Stash at the bottom right of the app (it has a wallet icon).

  • Click on it to read about the feature and select the Get Started button.

  • Fill out the form with your BVN and date of birth (BVN helps us validate each customer).

  • Once you fill it out, you will be able to access your Stash page to fund your plans or withdraw to your bank account.

Transfers made into your savings or investment plan from Stash should reflect almost immediately. However, if it doesn’t reflect after 30 minutes, please send a mail to

Kindly attach a screenshot of the transaction summary on your Stash page. If the plan was funded via bank transfer, kindly attach a screenshot of the debit alert you received for the transaction, as well as the 30-digit session ID for the transaction. You can request this ID from your bank. This will help us resolve this ASAP.

How to Fund a Plan from My Stash

To fund a plan, first, make sure there's some money in your Stash. Once your Stash is funded, you can also go to the Stash page to do a transfer from Stash.

Transfer to an existing plan from Stash:

  • Select the plan type (i.e. savings, naira investment or dollar investment) you want to fund

  • Input the amount to transfer to the plan.

  • Stash will be pre-selected as the payment option for you.

  • Click on Pay to proceed with the payment.

P.S. If you're a new customer with no existing plan, simply select the plan type (i.e. savings, naira investment or dollar investment) you want and follow the process to fund it using the bank transfer option.

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