The following rules apply to all Cozy units:

Keep the sound down after 8PM

Cozy units have multiple rooms with neighbors in the same building. It is important to respect this and keep the sound down always after 8PM.

Please note: In case of any disturbance reported by the renters or the neighbors, a $100 noise violation fee will be charged. Please make sure to always respect the noise policy at the flat.

Parties and loud gatherings

Parties are strictly not allowed in any Cozy unit. If you have guests over, please make sure they respect this policy and keep sound down to a minimum. This includes any loud laughter on the balcony, loud music, or parties.

Being clean and tidy

Cozy provides free common area cleaning all our flats. Renters are responsible for keeping the common areas of the apartment clean. This includes cleaning your kitchen utensils and dishes after each use and keeping bathrooms clean and sanitary.

Food deliveries

If you order a delivery, please take care to always mention the apartment name on the doorbell downstairs. For example: “Manara Building – Flat 201”

Trash disposal

Please empty the trash bins in the kitchen and bathrooms routinely. You will find the Instructions for trash disposal in the kitchen.


Smoking inside the unit is not allowed. If you are a smoker, please do so outside on the balcony. You will find ashtrays outside. If there isn't any, please let us know and we will be happy to provide them.


Guests are allowed to sleepover a maximum of 2-3 times per week. This is to keep things fair to other renters and keep the places from being overcrowded. Kindly respect this policy when moving into a place with Cozy.


Unfortunately, pets are not allowed in any Cozy unit. Some renters may have allergies to certain animals and many of our landlords prohibit pets in their buildings. We do however strongly encourage sharing of cat videos!

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