Finding shared housing in Beirut is hard. We know, we've been there. That's why we created Cozy.

Cozy is a new start-up in Beirut on a mission to simplify the whole housing experience for students and working professionals. We handle everything: from searching for housing, to leasing, payments, and maintenance – so you can worry less about your housing. You can move-in instantly into any available Cozy unit and leave when you choose. There are no yearly commitments.

Cozy listings are available online and you can view all room details with detailed photography, request to book, or even schedule a viewing online in a few clicks. It's renting for the 21st century.

All our units come with High-speed Wi-Fi and utilities and are fully furnished with everything from kitchen utensils to bed linens. Cozy even pays the utilities bills so you don't have to.

Cozy has two types of lease offerings: 

Fixed Term

Fixed term leases are the least expensive, least flexible offering. This requires a 3 month (90-day) minimum stay and an exact move-out date given at the time of the booking. Fixed Term makes sense when: 

  1. You know exactly how long you’d like to stay 
  2. You are staying 3 months or more 
  3. You are comfortable committing to a specific time 
  4. You do not need a guarantee to extend if you decide to stay longer 

Flexible Term (Month-to-month) ( +$50/mo) 

Flexible term (also known as “month-to-month”) leases are our most flexible offerings. These allow the tenant to stay as long as they would like and leave anytime with 1 month (30 days) notice. The minimum stay is only 1 month compared to the 3 months in Fixed Term. 

Flexible Term makes sense when: 

  1. You do not know exactly how long you would like to stay 
  2. You might stay less than 3 months 
  3. You want a guaranteed option to stay until you give notice and decide to leave 

Take a look at some of our units:

Simplify your housing experience in Beirut today.

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