Cozy has two lease options - Fixed vs. Flexible (choose the one that best suits you):

Fixed Term

Fixed term leases are the least expensive, least flexible offering. This requires a 3 month (90-day) minimum stay and an exact move-out date date given at the time of the booking.

Fixed Term makes sense when:

  1. You know exactly how long you’d like to stay
  2. You are staying 3 months or more
  3. You are comfortable committing to a specific time
  4. You do not need a guarantee to extend if you decide to stay longer

Flexible Term (Month-to-month) (+$50/mo)

Flexible term (also known as “month-to-month”) leases are our most flexible offerings. These allow the tenant to stay as long as they would like and leave anytime with 1 month (30 days) notice. The minimum stay is only 1 month compared to the 3 months in Fixed Term.

Flexible Term makes sense when:

  1. You do not know exactly how long you would like to stay
  2. You might stay less than 3 months
  3. You want a guaranteed option to stay until you give notice and decide to leave
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