offers powerful filtering and search capabilities throughout the workspace. You can search and filter with tens of available filters, and see instant results in every view or inside the search panel.

You can filter your Workspace for the relevant data or use the Search Tool which acts as a separate module, allowing you to find specific results without affecting your current work. You can use your search results for a variety of functions such as navigating your product tree or assigning values to one or multiple items. You can also apply any query results to your current view.

Creating a Filtered View using the filters toolbar

  • To open the filters toolbar, click on the 'Filters' button:

  • The most commonly used filters are instantly visible and include filtering by Product and Epic. In addition to these, when grouping by another field (that is not Product/Epic), such as: Status, Release, Sprint etc. - this field will be automatically added to the filters toolbar:

  • You can also click on '+ Add Filter' to select from a range of other filters, including custom fields that you've created or added to the workspace.

Tip: By default, only active items with status categories Open, In progress, Done are listed. If you wish to include items that have already been completed (status category Closed), use the 'Status' filter to filter by either Closed or Select All.

  • You can also run a free text search. The results will show all cases that match the words or phrases selected:

  • To clear all selected filters, simply click the 'Clear' button to return the current view to its defaults.

Filtering item level with the Hierarchy controller

The "Hierarchy" controller button, which appears in various views in the workspace (Spec Editor, Table, Kanban, Timeline, Capacity Planning), allows you to easily filter the level of items you'd like to show in a specific view - Epic level /Feature level /Sub Feature level/Idea level.

You also have the ability to display items from multiple levels, by switching on the "Flexible Hierarchy" toggle and selecting the relevant levels.

Exporting your Filtered View

You can easily export any query results to a CSV file format. To export your results in any view, click on the Export icon from the top left toolbar. The filters in use will automatically apply to the exported file.


Sharing your Filtered Views with external viewers

You can easily share your filtered workspace using view-only links. To share your results, click on the 'Share' button from the top toolbar. Your applied filters will automatically apply to the LiveShare view.


Searching your Product using the Search Tool

Click Search and Filter from the bottom left navigation bar:

This will open the 'Search' panel on the left side of the screen, where you can start searching your product by entering free text or use one of the filters followed by colons.

For example, to filter by specific Sprints, select “Sprint:” from the Item Planning section and choose the desired Sprints from the list.

To view a list of all available filters, click the Filters icon on the right and select from the list. The image below displays the list of available filters:


Tip: will automatically add the filter name for you again after you select a value; to exit this or search without adding another value, click Enter.

You can exclude your search results by using the 'Not' filters syntax or by adding the “-Not” text after the filter name (i.e., “Release-Not:”). For example, Release-Not: Parking Lot, will list all stories that were already assigned to a roadmap release, excluding the rest.
The following filters are available for this option:


Viewing and navigating Search Results

Once you see your query results in the search panel, there are a few things you can do to further explore them:

  • A preview of the first three items from each type will appear; clicking “Show All” to see the full results for that type.

  • You can expand your entire results so that everything appears as one long list.

  • Clicking on any Item will open it in full detailed view.

  • Clicking a Feature or Epic will drill down in its hierarchy to show all the items in it. Click back from the top left of your results to get back to the original query results.

  • Selecting one or more items will open the multi-action bar, allowing you to set values to the selected items (selecting a Feature or Epic will select all of its items) as follow:

  • Apply query results to your Product workspaces. You can view your search results in any workspace or view, choose it in the “View In” selector at the upper right side and click the arrow to apply:

After applying to the workspace, the filters bar will reflect your selections.

  • Save your Search Queries for repeating search queries needed on an ongoing basis. Click on the Saved Searches icon, select the option to save the search, and apply a name to it:

For your convenience, a history of your latest search will be saved, but you can always clear your search history.

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