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Software End-of-Life Policy
Software End-of-Life Policy

What to expect in terms of software or digital product support and delivery (re-download)

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For better or worse, technology changes.

Our software and digital products are designed to function on software systems that inevitably change over time. Eventually, software, downloads, and files we once offered can no longer be offered or supported because they are no longer compatible with modern operating systems, software, internet browsers, or other IT infrastructure. Oftentimes, those changes are beyond our control - such as when Microsoft implements new security standards for its Windows operating system.

Our cost books and legacy National Estimator software also reflect data for a specific calendar year. Updates for those software products ended after the calendar year in the product name.

Our End-of-Life (EOL) policy helps customers understand when a product is considered outdated and helps them plan and switch to newer versions or different products. This policy covers five main areas:

"Legacy" National Estimator (installed on Windows computers)

Software Product Milestones



End-of-Sale (EOS)

At the end of the the Software Products represented year.

Example: the 2020 National Construction Estimator Software Product's EOS was December 31, 2020.

Software Products are no longer available for purchase.

End-of-Life (EOL)

EOL is two years after EOS date. Example: EOL for the 2020 National Construction Estimator was December 31, 2022.

After EOL, Software Product is no longer eligible for re-download or technical support.

Interactive Study Center

Craftsman's Interactive Study Center software was developed in the early 2000's for Windows-based computers. Security or program updates are no longer available, but the program should still function on modern (Windows 10, Windows 11) computers and we will support authorized users as best we can for as long as that's the case.

Construction Contract Writer

We guarantee that Construction Contract Writer (trial and licensed version) will run on modern (Windows 10, Windows 11) computers. Licensed users are entitled to free and unlimited technical support. Licensed users and update subscribers are entitled to receive semi-annual legal "data" updates throughout their license period.


PDF eBook direct purchases are intended to remain available for a customer to download indefinitely, assuming the customer has the appropriate devices and software with which to view the files. Craftsman eLibrary customers will have access to their eBook downloads for the duration of their 12-month license.

Misc. Supplement Forms and Files

Throughout the 1990's and early 2000's, Craftsman published several books that included supplemental downloads such as sample estimates, forms or Quickbooks files. For out-of-print books, we may no longer be able to provide access to the supplemental downloads. Oftentimes the book purchase included a floppy disk or CD ROM containing those same supplemental downloads. Your ability to access those files will be limited to your personal hardware and software setup. We will attempt to provide technical support for these items, but can't guarantee that the files will open or function as originally intended.


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