If you order your Custom Foiled Spine(s) without any other product, it will ship to you flat in a rigid envelope. Your spine will include the instructions below for how to replace your current album spine with your new Custom Foiled Spine. You will also receive these instructions via email after you place your order. 

If you order your Custom Foiled Spine with other products (i.e. Tape Runner, Refill Pages, etc.), then your products will ship altogether. 


Gently curl the spine over using a flat surface to ensure you are bending in the middle.


Pinch the sides of the spine and insert the two square corners into the album first.


Gently lower the spine down so the two rounded corners insert into the album.


Press down gently and evenly on each end of the spine to fully insert the spine into the album.

What Not to Do:

Do not push your spine into your album from the middle.

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