As an Advisor, you have several ways to promote Custom Foiled Spines to your customers. 

  • Visit the Custom Foiled Spine Advisor landing page for all of your support materials including: What’s New Flyer, Font Recommendation Flyer, Technical Tips Flyer, Instruction Flyer and videos tutorials including an overview of how to create your Custom Foiled Spine. To find this landing page, log into your Creative Memories Advisor account. Then, select your name in the top left and in the drop down choose MY ACCOUNT. In the left menu, choose Advisor HQ > My Advisor Resources > Marketing Tools > Custom Foiled Spines (which will appear as an option in one of the top buttons).  
  • You can also purchase a pre-made sampler pack of three Custom Foiled Spines demonstrating gold, silver and black foil choices. These samples are helpful to have in-hand to show customers what Custom Foiled Spines look like. To purchase the sampler pack, make sure you are logged into your Advisor account and then choose Advisor Exclusives > Sales Tools. 

Our searchable FAQs are also always available to you. 

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