New themes for Custom Refill Pages will launch frequently. Watch your Creative Memories Advisor and customer emails for announcements.  

  • You will notice each theme includes an expiration date next to its name. This is the date the theme will no longer be available. Themes will expire two times a year either December 31 or June 30. We will continue to add and remove themes to keep designs fresh over time. To view these expiration dates, you must choose the Custom Refill Pages product and then click CUSTOMIZE to begin the creation process. After naming your project, you will be able to view all theme expiration dates. 
  • For each theme available, you will have the ability to add artwork for that theme within the Designer. You do not have to purchase the Digital Artwork separately. This includes artwork for designer papers, Fast2Fab™ designs, elements (stickers and embellishments) and mats for that collection. However, once the theme has expired, this artwork will no longer be available. You can purchase and upload Creative Memories Digital Artwork (and other artwork you own) into the Custom Refill Pages Designer as a JPG or PNG.
  • If you place an order for Custom Refill Pages, you will have two years from your purchase date to order those pages again (even if the theme has expired).
  • Our Designer is not a photo storage solution. Photos are meant to be uploaded for the creation of a product and we do not guarantee photo storage.

Brand New Themes: 

Other Available Themes: 

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