Creative users may choose to use a digital scrapbooking software to create their page, export it, then order it through the Designer. Below are tips to help create a successful product. There are many variations of software, so before ordering, be sure to review your order carefully.


  • When creating a new project, set your “Custom Page Size” to be 12.25 x 18.25 inches. This will give you a 12x18 page with a .125 trim area on all sides that matches the settings in our Custom Wall Calendar.
  • Always design your pages at 300dpi.
  • When exporting files, it is recommended use the highest quality setting in a jpg format. This will produce a larger file size that will take extra time to upload into the designer, but this will also produce a higher quality image printing. You can export smaller file sizes that will load faster into the designer, but this may reduce the quality of the image when printing.
  • When uploading your image to our Designer, use the "Make Your Own" theme. 

If you use Artisan software, this video will assist you to successfully create your Custom Wall Calendar: 

How to Export Pages from Artisan and Upload them to the Creative Memories Designer:

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