If we did not print a date on the back of a photo, there are several possibilities why that might occur:

  • The device (camera, phone, etc..) did not embed a date. There is no requirement to add a date to a photo, so some devices may put a date in metadata by default, and some may not, and some may not be capable of doing it. 
  • Because of privacy concerns some social media sites strip the date & location off of photos.
  • Some software that modifies photos may also remove the photo metadata in order to transform the photo.
  • Our software was unable to read the photo metadata. The industry has generally settled on a date format, but a variety of interesting formats still manage to make it into various entries causing software reading the data to sometimes fail. We are doing our best to pull out at many dates from photos as possible.

How to check if your photo has metadata: go to the file properties and look at the details. The Date Taken field or Original Date is usually the entry containing the date, but it can also appear in other entries.

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