We are frequently asked whether or not interest rates will change in the future. Interest rate are subject to change, and a number of factors determine whether we will raise or lower rates for future programs. To lock in the current interest rate, you would need to pledge your assets by the 1st or 15th of that month.

Per our user agreement:

We may increase or decrease the Yield in our sole discretion 30 days after notifying you of the upcoming change in the Yield (a “Yield Change Notice”).  We periodically change the Yield to respond to changes in prevailing interest rates, similar to the way banks periodically adjust the interest rates they pay for deposits.

If you do not notify Cred of your decision to close your CredEarn Account within 15 days of us sending you a Yield Change Notice (such notice by you, a “Closure Notice”), then this Agreement will remain in effect and Cred will not repay this loan until the Closure Date.  If you deliver a Closure Notice within 15 days after we send you a Yield Change Notice, then we will either not change your Yield or we will close your account and repay your loan to us.

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