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How can Credentially help me with HR?
How can Credentially help me with HR?

Credentially automatically processes and identifies medical HR information.

Written by Sarah Plumley
Updated over a week ago

Credentially uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically identify and process medical HR information and keep doctors' compliance information up to date. It makes hiring, onboarding and compliance a breeze, saving you a lot of time and money otherwise wasted on administrative work.

Hiring with our system is fast and reliable. Doctors just drag and drop their documents, type in their GMC number, and Credentially does the rest.

Onboarding with it is even more comfortable. All of your mandatory policies are already in the system; new doctors simply access and sign everything necessary by following automated instructions generated by Credentially.

If all that isn't enough, the system also ensures new hires have completed mandatory training and signed acknowledgement of it before their first shift. It automatically updates your doctors' compliance status, providing you with all the relevant information just one click away, on your dashboard.

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