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How do I rate the coffees I try?
How do I rate the coffees I try?

Let your team know how you feel!

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When you sign into your workplace, on your home page, scroll down... you'll see a section toward the top that says "Rate coffees you've tried". There you will see all the coffees that you need to rate. As you rate them they will disappear from your screen. As new coffees come in you will find them here. Here are the ratings explained:


Use this if you enjoyed the coffee and would love to have it again.


Use this if you enjoyed it but don't necessarily want to drink it again any time soon.


Use this if you really did not like the coffee.

Not Sure

Use this if you don't remember drinking it or if you didn't get a chance to try the coffee. If the rest of your team liked it, you may get another chance!

Happy Brewing!

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