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Where the heck is my coffee?!
Where the heck is my coffee?!

Ordered coffee but tracking shows it hasn't shipped yet!

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Written by Michael Klassen
Updated over a week ago

First of all, we are so sorry. We know how frustrating this can be and the cause could be a number of reasons, so we're happy to help you figure it out!

Perhaps the postal worker picking up the order forgot to scan the package when picking it up from the Roaster (but then it still ships and is most likely on the way but the status doesn't show in your tracking info and the package jumps from "Pre-Shipment" to "Out for Delivery" within hours), or maybe a roaster or the Post Office misplaced an order, or perhaps the package was scanned as "Delivered" prior to actual delivery, or perhaps your order has already shipped but has been stuck with an "In Transit" status for several days...all sorts of possibilities!

In any of these unfortunate and rare events, a case may need to be opened with USPS, which we will be happy to do on your behalf or you are welcome to yourself (and we'll be happy to help you do that as well if you prefer).

Thanks for your patience and we can't wait to get you your coffee!

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