Parent-Teacher Meetings

Exact dates for the Parent-Teacher Meetings

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Below you can find information on when the Parent-Teacher Meetings take place for each cohort.

Please mark these dates on your calendar to book and attend Parent-Teacher Meetings. It is a valuable opportunity for you to discuss your child's progress, ask questions, and collaborate with their teachers to support their academic journey.

We look forward to seeing you at the meetings and working together to ensure the success of your child.


Greenwich September 2023 Intake

1st Parent-Teacher Meeting

October 31st - November 3rd 2023

2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting

February 19th - February 22nd 2024


Aoraki February + May 2023 Intakes

1st Parent-Teacher Meeting

March 21st - March 24th 2023

2nd Parent-Teacher Meeting

June 20th - June 23rd 2023

US Diploma September 2022/2023 Intake

Parent-Teacher Meeting

Nov 12th - November 20th 2022

Need Help? Please reach out to us at or sign into the Parent Portal to contact your teachers directly.

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