Crimson Classroom: Can't share your screen

What to do if you can't share your screen on Crimson Classroom

Updated over a week ago

Give your computer screen-sharing access

To share your screen on Crimson Classroom, you will need to make sure:

  1. You are using Google Chrome*

  2. You have given your computer permission to share your screen via Google Chrome

To do this on a Mac, follow these instructions.

Once you have updated your settings, you will need to quit Chrome and re-open it before you are able to share your screen.

You won't usually have to do this if you are on a Windows computer.

*In a few rare instances, Mac users have found that using Safari allows them to share their screen. But in most cases Chrome works better.

If you are still having trouble sharing your screen please book a help session with someone from the Operations Team by emailing

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