If you've already created a Dataset but want to add new media to it, you can easily do that from the Datasets page.

Click the Dataset you want to add media to and click Add Media.

First thing you'll need to do is let us know which type of media (photos/videos) you want to add. As the pop-up mentions, we don't recommend mixing and matching within a Dataset. Keep photos separate from videos!

Now, you see the data uploader, just like you did when you created the Dataset initially. Upload directly from your computer, or connect with your cloud location to sync media.

What if I add media to a Dataset that's being used in a Project?

Great question! If you've already attached a Dataset to a Project, then adding new media to that Dataset means those media will be attached automatically to that Project, and have new Annotation Workflows created for them.

For example, in my Flat Tire Detection Project, I attached a Dataset called "Car Tires" with 1,000 pictures on Tuesday. I've already annotated 900 of them, so I'm almost ready to train a model. But now, on Friday, I've collected 200 more pictures and want to upload them to my Dataset.

If I do, 200 new Annotation Workflows will be created automatically in my Project. To me, this is what I want, since I know I want to use these new pictures as part of my training data. So now I can get to work annotating them, as well.

If you don't want your new media to end up in an active Project, we recommend making a new Dataset from scratch. This way, no new Workflows are automatically created in any Project. You can always go into a Project and attach the new Dataset if and when you're ready.

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