What happens to the money that you pledge to support a project will depend upon whether the project has chosen to be on the 'All or nothing' or 'Keep what you raise' options. 

All or nothing – Your pledge will only be received by the project if they hit their target. If the project doesn't hit target then you will be refunded in within 5 to 10 working days.

Keep what you raise – This means that the project will keep all of their pledges, whether their project hits target or not. 

You can tell which funding option a project is set to by looking below the funding thermometer and 'Support Us' button on their Crowdfunder Project page. 

All or nothing...

Keep what you raise (flexible funding)...

What happens if the project I've pledged on is a 'multiplier' project?

Some project owners allow supporters to set up subsidiary projects to support their fundraising cause. This is known as a multiplier, and you'll see the button pictured below on the project page. Please note that multipliers are all flexible funding.

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