In light of the European GDPR regulations, which came into force on 25th May 2018, we have created a guide to tell you which emails you can and can't send to your supporters. See our full Privacy Policy here for more details on this.


When a supporter pledges on a project on Crowdfunder, they will see this screen when they go to make their payment.

There are two types of emails that they can say yes or no to at this point. 

1. Project Updates

What does this mean for me as the project owner?

When your project is live (and after it has closed), you have the ability to send 'Updates' to people who have supported you. These show in the 'Updates' tab on your Crowdfunder project page and are automatically sent out as an update to anyone who has ticked that they would like to receive project updates. 

If they chose not to tick this option, then they will be automatically excluded from the list of people that these updates will send to. 

See more on how to post a project update here.

2. Project Owner Marketing

What does this mean for me as the project owner? 

If you would like to contact your supporters about new ideas and projects you can only contact them if they ticked this box. In your backers list you will see which people opted in to this - you are then able to contact them via email if you wish.


Can I contact my supporters about their rewards?

If you need to contact a supporter to arrange the delivery and details of a reward that they pledged on when they supported your project, you may do this via the 'Message Backers' function in your project dashboard, or by email once you have downloaded the list of your supporters after the project has closed. 

See how to use the message backers function here.

See how to download your backer's list here.

Make sure you are only messaging them about the fulfilment of the reward and not about anything else. The message backers feature in your dashboard should not be used for marketing messages. If you want to send marketing emails to your supporters please do it via your own email system.


How do I know which options my supporters chose?

You can see who has opted in to receiving marketing emails in your downloadable backer's list. There is a column which says 'Marketing Emails'. If it says yes, then they have agreed to receiving marketing emails from the project. If it says no, then they have said no to receiving marketing emails.  


If you have any further questions about this, then please get in touch with the Crowdfunder Customer Support Team.

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