If you are a registered charity, you can set up your own dedicated fundraising page on the Crowdfunder platform, which means anyone can donate to or raise money for your cause at any time. What's more, while transaction and Gift Aid processing fees apply to all fundraisers, there'll be no platform fees to pay.

Once you're set up with us, supporters can find your charity here. Alternatively, you or your supporters can set up a charity fundraiser here. All funds raised, including Gift Aid, will go directly to your charity bank account via Charities Trust (please note that it can take four to eight weeks for the funds to reach your account).

To request your page, follow this link and scroll down until you see the form pictured below. Please complete the form so that we can add your charity to our platform.

Please also note that due to the popularity of this feature, there is currently a delay in setting up charity pages. If you need to raise money immediately but are not yet registered with us, you can set up your project via the free Coronavirus response platform here where you will see the screen below.

If you set up your fundraiser this way, you can enter the charity bank details in the financials section of your project dashboard. This means that all money raised (minus transaction fees) will go directly to the charity.

Please also note that Crowdfunder won't collect Gift Aid on your behalf if you're not registered with us, but we will collect the Gift Aid declarations for you to help speed up the process.

You will need to claim the Gift Aid from HMRC once your project is closed. Find out how here: Can I claim Gift Aid through my Crowdfunder Project?

If your charity already has a page find out how to claim it here.

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