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Your hard work has paid off and now you are ready start fulfilling orders.

Here are the steps you will need to take to export the relevant information you need:

1) Click on Exports in the menu on the right of your screen

2) Filter the information you are wanting to retrieve from the system. Be sure to click the 'More' button for more filters. 

3) Choose your Export option
We have a few different export options to choose from:

  • Summary: Single line per backer with high level information such as name, address, email and pledge amount
  • Questions: Single line per question/answer
  • Order Transactions: Breakdown of transaction totals based on source and order
  • Shipping Product: Single line per backer and product
    Clicking on this export will open a window which allows you to choose from several different formats to suit the needs of your shipping provider. You can also lock your surveys by generating this report which will ensure the information you are pulling can no longer be changed. 

PLEASE NOTE: If your have a large amount of orders, exports could take a few minutes to generate.

For more information on how to Lock and Export your completed yours, click here.

For more information on how to Close your surveys, click here.  

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